Welcome to Bob Abbott' Home Page
[Image of Bob at wheel of sailboat]

Welcome to my home page. I live in Hinckley, Ohio, home of the Hinckley Buzzards. Hinckley is located between Cleveland and Akron, Ohio. (See map) Take a tour of beautiful Hinckley Lake in the winter.

Cleveland is considered the best location in the nation, located on the southern shore of Lake Erie, the North Coast of America. Visit the friendliest spot on the lake, Edgewater Yacht Club.

I am married to my lovely wife Nancy, who is usually the one at the wheel of our sailboat NanSea. Take a look at some of the boats in the family.

Visit my alma mater Clarkson Univ.

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Are you a Mac enthusiast or just plain tired of having Bill Gates having his hand in your pocket all the time? Visit the NorthEast Ohio Apple Corps web page.